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Brian Trenchard-Smith Action Double Hits Blu-ray this June!

09 April 2019

Following on from the December release of the Australian classic FROG DREAMING, Umbrella Entertainment will bring another two Brian Trenchard-Smith films to Blu-ray for the first time globally.

On June 5th, as part of their Ozploitation Classics range, Umbrella will release DAY OF THE PANTHER and STRIKE OF THE PANTHER in a double-pack on Blu-ray, featuring all-new transfers taken from recent 4K scans of the original 35mm interpositive elements.
Shot on location in Hong Kong and Australia, DAY OF THE PANTHER and its sequel, STRIKE OF THE PANTHER, explode from the screen in a flurry of bloody fists, spiked bats, nunchucks and mullets! Packed with dangerous stunts and muscle cars smoking it up on suburban Perth streets, DAY and STRIKE are a double-bill of rarely seen Ozploitation mayhem that will leave you gasping to rewind and check what you have just seen. Starring Australian screen icons, John Stanton, Rowena Wallace and Michael Carman, filmed back-to-back in Australia’s bicentennial year of 1988.

Martial-arts expert, Jason Blade (Edward John Stazak) goes after a criminal gang and its boss, who were responsible for the death of his partner.

Jason Blade is back! After rescuing the daughter of prominent businessman David Summers, from a brothel in Dalkeith, he forms the Crime Task Force to assist in the capture of Jim Baxter (James Richards, Agent Provocateur). When Baxter kidnaps Blade’s girlfriend, Gemma Anderson (Paris Jefferson, The Counsellor) Blades seeks revenge but Baxter has found refuge in a deserted power station and wired it with enough explosives to destroy half of Perth.

The DAY OF THE PANTHER/STRIKE OF THE PANTHER Double Feature will release to Blu-ray on June 5th.