That’s a Wrap on the 2016 Cult of Monster Treasure Hunt!

16 December 2016

The Cult of Monster Treasure Hunt has wrapped and Simon Harcourt & Martin Lewis are the victors, taking out all five Checkpoints and all of the prizes. Congratulations, Lads! A win well deserved!

Just a reminder that our Cult of Monster Launch Drinks have kicked off and you’re welcome to drop by the office on 741 Rathdowne St in Carlton North to join in the celebrations…join us…join the Cult…the Cult of Monster!
(Prize Claimed)

This one is a little different as we’re giving you the locale but you’re going to have to guess what the Keyword is! The final prize is every DVD we release in 2017!!!

Location: Monster Pictures Office (741 Rathdowne St, Carlton North)

Clue 1:
He’s 6’1, wears size 11 shoes, works at Monster Pictures but in his onscreen persona what does he weigh?

Clue 2:
It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent’s fritters.

Checkpoint #5 answer was “MEAT”.
(Prize Claimed)

Clue 1:
In a place that is bustling with yeast, you won’t need a compass to find your way from here to the beast, appreciate the Darwin-like view, this place is great but not new! 

Checkpoint #4 was Great Northern Hotel in Carlton North.

(Prize Claimed)

Clue 1:
In a place that is busy and hip, where Waters flow and vinyl flip, despite the name there’s nothing false but the sounds are worthy of a modern waltz.

Clue 2:

“At first I though he walking his dog. Then I realised it was his date”

Checkpoint #3 was Polyester Records in Fitzroy.
Clue 1:
In a place that is central and fluorescent-lit, where fanboys gather and talk shit, Chuck Taylor mounts Queen and the works of Alan Moore can be seen.

Checkpoint #2 was All-Star Comics in the CBD

Clue 1:
In a place that is crowded and dark, where stars shine and stories can often arc, you’ll find me where you pay, just remember what to say.

Checkpoint #1 was Lido Cinemas in Hawthorne.

The Treasure Hunt is on!

There are five Checkpoints, every Checkpoint holds a prize and each Checkpoint will open on the hour from now right through to 6pm tonight.

The first clue for each Checkpoint will be posted here on the hour. Keep checking back throughout the hour though as more clues will be given to that particular Checkpoint.

If you are the first to reach a Checkpoint, remember to tag that you have claimed the prize using the hashtags #cultofmonster & #cultofmonster2016 in our Facebook event or on our Facebook page.

Prizes can be claimed at the Monster Pictures office from 6pm tonight (December 16th) and include the following:

Prize 1
Your own Top 5 video produced by us to feature here on the Cult of Monster website along with a Monster Pictures T-Shirt!
Prize 2
Cult of Monster Pack featuring a Monster Pictures t-shirt, our December releases Antibirth & Bullets For The Dead on DVD, CoM patch, CoM keychain & CoM stickers!
Prize 3
A slab of Monster Fest 2016 official sponsors DAINTON Family Brewery beers!
Prize 4
A Monster Fest 2017 VIP Pass!
Prize 5
Every Monster Pictures DVD we release in 2017!

If you can’t make it to the Treasure Hunt, remember we’re having a Cult of Monster launch drinks from 6pm tonight at the Monster Pictures office (741 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC).