Watch DRAGON FORCE X Episode 3 Now!

18 December 2017

DRAGON FORCE X is a nine episode ’80s inspired action, adventure, fantasy web-series with outrageous stunts, gratuitous violence, mind-blowing kills and it’s exclusive to Cult of Monster…what’s more it’s free to stream!

In a seedy underworld of scum and villainy, where magic and wonder have been perverted by greed and a lust for power, assassin-for-hire Maddox Montana travels across strange and exotic lands in search of the Amulets of Fire, an ancient mystical force with the power to change reality. Desired by many, worthy of few, what begins as just another job turns into the adventure of a lifetime for Maddox and his gang of misfits, as they discover the full power and glory of DRAGON FORCE X.

Maddox arrives in the South Island of New Zealand to search for General Saunders but not everything goes to plan.

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