DIARY OF A FATMAN Filmmakers Steve Ravic & Steven Haar’s Top 5 Fat Man Films!

12 December 2016

With the highly anticipated Australian Premiere of DIARY OF A FATMAN this Saturday December 17th at The Astor Theatre, we caught up with co-writer/director Steve Ravic and co-writer/actor Steven Haar to grab their Top 5 Fat Man Films!

DIARY OF A FATMAN is the story of a man with no story to tell, that is until he falls asleep. Berd ‘The Nerd’ is an unemployed welfare recipient with a lot of spare time on his hands. He spends a lot of this time sleeping and daydreaming and that is when he takes you on the wacky comical adventures of all of his alter egos. From space-crusader ‘Duke Berdtalker’, professional wrestler ‘Bulk Bogan’, superhero sidekick ‘Berd Thunder’, legendary rock-star ‘Saxl Pose’ and his band ‘Buns n’ Posers’, pop sensation ‘Pelvis’, ladies’ man ‘Casanova Berd’ and President of Troma ‘Floyd Berdman’.

Grab your tickets here to the Australian Premiere of DIARY OF A FATMAN this Saturday December 17th 4PM at The Astor Theatre!