E3 2018 Horror Game Round-Up!

21 June 2018

The 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo – the biggest annual exhibition of upcoming video games – was great for horror fans, with exciting new games announced and some incredible trailers being dropped!

In no particular order, here is our round up of the biggest and best horror titles from the expo:


One of the most beloved horror games ever made – and often considered one of the greatest games period – is getting a ground-up remake for PS4, Xbox One and Windows!

The RESIDENT EVIL series defined survival horror as it is known today, with each game following the havoc created by zombies and other mutated creatures unleashed by the evil Umbrella Corporation.

Replacing the fixed camera style with a more modern ‘over-the-shoulder’ gameplay, this major overhaul looks set to transfer the scares of this classic to a bran new generation – and has both old and new fans understandably excited.

The game is scheduled for release on January 29 2019. Check out the creepy trailer below:


Another critically acclaimed zombie-fest, the original THE LAST OF US was an amazing character driven odyssey through a post-apocalyptic American landscape.

Most games sanitise their violence so players can indulge in bloody mayhem without qualms, but THE LAST OF US makes players feel the full weight of every bone crunching, throat slicing act. Which makes it both a truly unsettling and a truly memorable experience.

This violence is on full display in this grisly trailer for THE LAST OF US PART II, which also shows the series other great strength – a cinematic approach to framing and dialogue:

THE LAST OF US PART II is currently slated to release in 2019 on PS4.


Released through beloved hobbit (and horror fiend) ELIJAH WOOD’s genre production company SpectreVision, TRANSFERENCE is a unique looking, narrative-based virtual reality horror game!

According to Wood, the game will be a unique mix of video games and movies. So the same company who brought you THE GREASY STRANGLER and A GIRL WHO WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT will be bringing their unique storytelling chops to the world of video games.

So far little is known about the project, but Wood has stated that the player’s awareness of the virtual reality will be central to the horror.  The trailer gives a mind-bending peak at what this might mean:

TRANSFERENCE is currently slated for release later in the year on PS4, XBOX and PC (requires VR compatibility).


Lovecraft fans have major reason to rejoice as one of the horror master’s most famous work is getting a modern video game adaptation!

Players take on the role of a private investigator strung who finds himself irresistibly drawn towards everyone’s favourite tentacled old one: the mighty Cthulhu.

Lovecraft fans know what to expect here – robed cultists, eldritch abominations and an ever-dwindling sense of sanity.These details are all on full display in the stunning trailer:

CALL OF CTHULHU is scheduled for release later in 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


From the same developers of CALL OF CTHULHU comes a horror game grounded in reality – namely 14th Century France at the peak of the Black Death.

Players will wade through crumbling cities, fighting off widespread disease, torturous members of the inquisition and (of course) hundreds and hundreds of vicious devouring rats.

All of this is beautifully captured in the game’s trailer:

A PLAGUE TALE: LOSS OF INNOCENCE is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows in 2019.