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Umbrella Entertainment’s FROG DREAMING Blu-ray Artwork & Special Features!

14 November 2018

Umbrella Entertainment will release Brian Trenchard-Smith’s seminal 1986 family classic FROG DREAMING to Blu-ray in a world-first on December 5th. Restored from an all-new 4K scan of the original interpositive and in its original aspect ratio, Umbrella’s release will contain a host of Special Features along with reversible artwork.
 Special Features

● Audio Commentary with Director Brian Trenchard-Smith, Editor Brian Kavanagh & Costume Designer Aphrodite Kondos, moderated by NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD filmmaker Mark Hartley

● The Depths of a Legend: Look Back on Frog Dreaming – featurette with Actor Henry Thomas and Director Brian Trenchard-Smith

● The Go Kids: Looking Back on Frog Dreaming – featurette with Actresses Rachel Friend and Tamsin West

● The Dream Quest: Shooting Locations Revisited

● Extended Interviews from NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD

● Theatrical Trailer

● Image Gallery

We can also reveal that if you dig deep enough, perhaps right down to the depths of a legend, you’ll find an Easter Egg featurette on the Blu-ray also!

Orphaned 14 year-old Cody (Henry Thomas, E.T THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL) is a typical boy with an adventurous spirit and imagination to match. Living with his guardian Gaza (Tony Barry, MYSTERY ROAD) in an outback Australian township, Cody learns of an ancient Aboriginal myth known as ‘Donkegin’, sparking an interest that will not let him rest. Convinced there is an underwater monster in a nearby dam, Cody and his friends Wendy (Rachel Friend, GOLDEN FIDDLES) & Jane (Tamsin West) embark on a journey that will take them into the very shadow-land of mystery and intrigue.

An atmospheric 80s adventure tale, inspired by the likes of THE GOONIES and E.T, written by Everett DeRoche (PATRICK, ROAD GAMES) and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith (BMX BANDITS, DEAD END DRIVE-IN), FROG DREAMING (also known as THE QUEST in the US and THE GO-KIDS in the UK) captures the infectious spirit of childhood determination and discovery.

FROG DREAMING will arrive in stores from December 5th and you can pre-order now direct from Umbrella Entertainment!