Grim Pickings

Grim Pickings for Cinema & Home Entertainment this week…

31 May 2017

GRIM PICKINGS this week includes key dates to dismember with the theatrical release of a gritty new Aussie thriller loosely based on true events and a Hollywood refresh of a popular J-Horror franchise hits home entertainment!

In Cinemas

Thursday June 1st
After slaying Brisbane audiences recently at the MONSTER FEST TRAVELLING SIDESHOW, Ben Young’s award-winning debut feature opens in select theatres across Australia. Perth. The Summer of ’87. 17 y.o. Vicki Maloney is abducted by a married couple who keep her captive in a suburban house. Though broken and tormented, with escape seeming impossible, Vicki closely observes the perverse dynamic between her captors and realises she must drive a wedge between them if she is to survive.

Patty Jenkins (MONSTER) helms D.C.’s latest comic book adaptation and early reviews are indicating that this may just be the saving grace that the publisher come production company require to compete with the likes of Marvel. We are absolutely hanging to see WONDER WOMAN, in fact Butcher Ben has gone all Lionel Ritchie atop of 741 Rathdowne St and refuses to come down until Thursday when it opens in cinemas. Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.


While folks often grown about the state of remakes these days, little is said of the tireless cycle of comical feature-film adaptations of beloved and bygone television shows we’re enduring these days. For every 21 JUMP STREET or STARSKY & HUTCH, there’s a CHiPs or DUKES OF HAZARD and sadly BAYWATCH floats dangerously close to 1993’s THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES. If it weren’t for the all-round entertainer, Dwayne Johnson (and perhaps one prolonged dick joke), this box office Bismarck would have well and truly sunk. BAYWATCH follows devoted lifeguard Mitch Buchannon (Johnson) as he butts heads with a brash new recruit (Zac Efron). Together, they uncover a local criminal plot that threatens the future of the Bay.

Home Entertainment

Wednesday May 31st
Arriving twelve years after the last instalment in the US franchise, RINGS is less of a sequel and more a refresh, aimed at a slightly younger audience, this one’s likely to appeal to fans of THE GALLOWS & LIGHTS OUT. A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a ‘movie within the movie’ that no one has ever seen before. Don’t forget we’re running a competition where you can WIN 1 of 10 RINGS on Blu-ray!
Matt Damon teams up with visual virtuoso Zhang Yimou (HERO, HOUSE OF THE FLYING DAGGERS) for a fantasy actioner that sees Batflick’s pal do battle with a horde of monstrous creatures.
The story of an elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure. The first English-language production for Yimou is the largest film ever shot entirely in China. THE GREAT WALL also stars Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau.
Television director Richie Keen (IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA) helms what appears to be a loose reworking of THREE O’CLOCK HIGH (1987) with Charlie Day & Ice Cube going toe to toe. On the last day of the year, mild-mannered high school English teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) is trying his best to keep it together amidst senior pranks, a dysfunctional administration and budget cuts that put jobs on the line. But things go from bad to worse when he accidentally crosses his much tougher and deeply feared colleague, Ron Strickland (Ice Cube), who challenges Campbell to an old-fashioned throw down after school. News of the fight spreads like wildfire and ends up becoming the very thing this school, and Campbell, needed.