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HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U Headed to Home Entertainment!

29 March 2019

Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release Christopher Landon’s genre-busting sequel HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U to Blu-ray + Digital, DVD & Digital on Wednesday May 29th.

Returning writer/director Christopher Landon crafts a sequel to his 2017 breakout hit, HAPPY DEATH DAY, that takes a unique approach to following on from its predecessor. Rather than retread old ground, Landon expands the universe from the first film to a multiverse whereby the events of its previous chapter only exist in one version of reality. Confused? Well HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U is anything but confusing, in fact it takes the often difficult task of navigating the parallel universe theory and delivers a succinct slasher with comic flair, creative kills and a twist that you’ll no doubt see coming but remains rewarding regardless. While HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U never manages to better its predecessor, it does deliver a highly original concept and that alone is a bold achievement for a genre that is renowned for retreads.

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U hits home entertainment on May 29th.