Special Event Screenings to hit Australia with Big Ronnie & Big Brayden in tow! Also Deluxe Blu-ray News!!!

07 October 2016

Every year at Sundance one film takes pundits totally by surprise, in 2016 that film was Jim Hosking’s THE GREASY STRANGLER.

This is a film like no other, a greasy smorgasbord of filth and depravity that is as repulsive as it is sweet – part comedy, part horror, part love story, all greasy mayhem! The kind of film that festival audiences adore and the kind of film that once seen cannot be erased from the mind!

THE GREASY STRANGLER tells the story of Big Ronnie, a man who runs a disco walking tour of LA with his son, Big Brayden. When a sassy young thing named Janet appears one day on their tour, it sets off a fierce rivalry between father and son for her affections – it also brings about the appearance of an oily, slimy, inhuman maniac who stalks the streets at night, strangling the innocent – a beast known as The Greasy Strangler!

This is the most unforgettably hilarious cult movie experience of the year and to allow Australian audiences the opportunity to worship at its’ greasy altar, Monster Pictures will be touring the film with its two stars, Michael St Michaels (Big Ronnie) and Sky Elobar (Big Brayden) in tow for a series of screenings in early December 2016, an all-out greasy down under spectacular that threatens to stain the minds of Australian audiences for eternity!

The Greasy Down Under Tour kicks off at Monster Fest Melbourne with a Closing Night Greasy Gala extravaganza and will then travel the country, spreading the love and the grease!

THE GREASY STRANGLER will arrive on DVD and in a 2 Disc Deluxe Edition Blu-ray in early 2017 that we’re pleased to announce will be clogged to the arteries with greased up exclusive special feature content!

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insanely compelling and funny, one of the best movies of 2016

a playful oasis of filth and depravity
The Guardian

the most WTF film of Sundance 2016
Daily Beast

disgusting, deviant and pleasurably weird at heart

vile, puerile, sick and great
Birth. Movies. Death.