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Umbrella Entertainment Announce KADAICHA & INNOCENT PREY for DVD!

19 June 2017

Umbrella Entertainment have announced a new addition to their Ozploitation range with the DVD double-feature of KADAICHA & INNOCENT PREY, streeting on Wednesday August 2nd.

Early tech specs indicate that both films will have 4:3 transfers but we’ve yet to confirm whether they are full-frame or pan and scan at this stage.

An Aboriginal elder with the power of life or death over those who disobey the laws of the Aboriginal people. When the unsuspecting residents of a suburban housing development encounter strange occurrences in their neighbourhood it is only a matter of time before someone upsets The Kadaicha Man. Discovering that their homes were built atop a sacred Aboriginal burial site, a group of teenagers are subject to nightmarish dreams about an eerie cave with sinister rock paintings and the brooding evil that dwells within. When they awake, a souvenir of their nightmare rests on their pillow a stone destined to haunt them to their very core and place them in mortal jeopardy.
Special Features

Cathy (P.J. Soles ) is suspicious of Joe’s (Kit Taylor) need to work late every night. Discovering Joe’s car parked outside of a motel, Cathy watches in horror as Joe slashes a prostitute to death with a razor. Joe is sent to the state hospital for the criminally insane and Cathy attempts to rebuild her life in Australia. Soon after her arrival, Cathy becomes the object of obsession for her landlord who observes her every movement, ready to cause all manner of mayhem to her newfound freedom.
Special Features
Looking Back on Innocent Pray: A Conversation with P.J. Soles