27 September 2018

Multi-award winning filmmaker and Monster Fest 2016 alumni Matthew Victor Pastor (I AM JUPITER, I AM THE BIGGEST PLANET) returns to the festival this year with the World Premiere of MAGANDA! PINOY BOY VS MILK MAN.

MAGANDA! PINOY BOY VS MILK MAN marks the fourth feature film from writer/director Pastor and is also the third chapter in his FIL-AUS TRILOGY and we are pleased to bring you the trailer for the film ahead of its November 24th premiere.

The Milk Man, a psychopathic murderer who preys upon women. Pinoy Boy, the world’s deadliest Filipino who is tasked with tracking him down. Angelo, the filmmaker who created them and is struggling to find an ending as the lines between his reality and the film blur.

Pastor expressed that “MAGANDA means beautiful in Tagalog, which is fitting that the final chapter of our Filipino Australian trilogy will have its World Premiere at Monster Fest. I’m also nervous because there’s a lot of milk, murder and…well my penis. In Australian movies while murder and milk have their place, Filipino Penis has not been part of the discussion, until now! The film is a bloody, milky, balls out, castration revenge tale so please come see MAGANDA uncut and on the big screen in all its beautiful glory“.

MAGANDA! PINOY BOY VS MILK MAN stars Celina Yuen (BUTTERFLY FLOWER), Batang Kalawang, Glenn Maynard (CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA), Stuart Simpson (DRAGON FORCE X), Kristen Condon (MONDO YAKUZA), Andrew Leavold (FAGS IN THE FAST LANE), Vlady T (THE LAST HOPE) and of course Pastor himself!

Don’t miss the World Premiere at Monster Fest on Saturday November 24th