14 July 2017

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (MIFF) returns from August 3rd to 20th for eighteen days and nights of films, masterclasses, panels and a whole lot more. To make your life easier and as genre-packed as possible, we’ve put a together a hit list of everything you need see!

78/52 | Friday August 4th 11:30pm & Saturday August 12th 9:00pm
2017 dir. Alexandre O.Philippe
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The shower scene in PSYCHO is one of the more famous moments in cinema, with its scandalously meticulous editing and unforgettable Brechtian score embedded firmly in popular culture. Director Alfred Hitchcock changed the course of cinema when he killed off his heroine at the end of the first act of his 1960 masterpiece, with the film’s 78 set-ups and 52 edits gaining a notoriety that would eclipse the film that housed them. From its distinctive music to its accomplished shot construction to its brutal cuts, this documentary takes us deep into the most terrifying two minutes ever captured on film.

ALIPATO – THE VERY BRIEF LIFE OF AN EMBER | Friday August 11th 11:30PM & Friday August 18th 11:30PM
2016 dir. Khavn De La Cruz
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It’s 2025, and a hellraising gang of smoking, gun-toting orphans known as the Kostkas – some as young as infants – unleash a crime spree of terror upon Mondomanila, the futuristic megacity of slums. After a heist goes wrong and their boss is put away, the action picks up 28 years later, where one by one the former gang members begin to meet their demise.

THE BELKO EXPERIMENT | Saturday August 12th 11:30pm & Wednesday August 16th 9:00pm
2016 dir. Greg McLean
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Way outside Bogota’s city limits, a mysterious company known only as Belko Corp announces to its staff that today’s work day is going to be a little different. Today they’ll be playing a game wherein most of them will die. If they want to survive, all they have to do is follow the instructions. The first instruction: pick and kill two of their own.

BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL | Friday August 4th 9:00pm & Wednesday August 9th 9:15pm
2017 dir. Takashi Miike
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Menji (Japanese screen and music superstar Takuya Kimura) is a samurai who has been cursed with immortality. No matter what violence is meted out onto his body – being skewed by swords, limbs being lopped off – the magic of his curse will eventually reknit him back together, making him a fearsome, unstoppable opponent. Recruited by Rin, a young girl seeking revenge against a renegade band of swordsmen who tore apart her family and employ a free-for-all style of fighting, Menji must seek out and defeat an endless stream of villains.

BLOODLANDS | Saturday August 5th 11:30pm & Thursday August 10th 9:00pm
2017 dir. Steven Kastrissios
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Set in modern-day Albania, the story follows a struggling traditional family that falls prey to a mysterious clan, igniting a Balkan blood feud that ventures into the paranormal via archaic rituals and a local witch. Ambitious and genre-bending – Kastrissios’ knack for dark drama mingles with arthouse surrealism – Bloodlands comprises a forceful next step for an emerging auteur.

THE ENDLESS | Wednesday August 9th 9:15pm & Saturday August 19th
2017 dir. Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead
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Ten years ago, brothers Justin and Aaron escaped from a what Justin claimed was a “UFO death cult”, right as the cult was about to commit mass suicide. But Aaron didn’t see it that way, and remembers a wholesome community with good, friendly people. When the two receive an unexpected message from their former “family”, Aaron convinces Justin that they must return to their old home. But when strange and inexplicable events predicted by the cult begin to come true, the brothers must unearth the truth before history repeats.

JUNGLE | Opening Night Gala: Thursday August 3rd 7:00pm,
Friday August 11th 6:30pm & Thursday August 17th 9:30pm
2017 dir. Greg McLean
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In the early 1980s, 22-year-old Israeli backpacker Yossi Ghinsberg and two friends – Swiss teacher Marcus Stamm and American photographer Kevin Gale – set off from the Bolivian city of La Paz on what was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime. Leading the way into the uncharted Amazon was an Austrian expat named Karl Ruprechter, who had met the friends just days before and claimed to be familiar with the region. But their dream trip soon turned into a wilderness nightmare from which not all of the men returned.

MY FRIEND DAHMER | Saturday August 12th 11:30pm & Friday August 18th 9:15pm
2017 dir. Marc Meyers
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Jeffrey Dahmer is a teenage outcast, obsessed with the morbidity of death and not very good at making friends. His parents are in the midst of a divorce and have little time for him, and Jeffrey spends his time performing experiments on roadkill, and dissolving bones in acid. When some of his classmates decide to befriend the loner to liven things up, they inadvertently encourage the macabre tendencies that consume him. Jeffrey’s future is ever-present, colouring these events with a terrifying promise.

A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN | Saturday August 5th 9:00pm & Monday August 14th 9:15pm
2017 dir. Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire
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Liverpool native Billy Moore is a troubled young man. Broken home, crime, violence, drugs, jail. But his life tumbles to a new nadir when he’s arrested in Bangkok and thrown into the notorious Klong Prem prison. Turning to Muay Thai to survive – and fuel a burgeoning heroin habit – Moore will witness the very worst that humanity has to offer, and it will take everything he has just to make it through.

TRAGEDY GIRLS | Saturday August 5th 9:00pm & Friday August 11th 11:30pm
2017 dir. Tyler MacIntyre
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Sadie and McKayla are the Tragedy Girls, two aspiring social media stars who will do absolutely anything to achieve fame. Their plan involves kidnapping a local serial killer, and forcing him to mentor them on how to commit murders that will gain national attention and turn them into legends. With a long list of potential victims ahead of them, Sadie and McKayla must figure out how to fit their killing spree in between cheerleading practice and the yearbook committee.

THE VOID | Friday August 4th 11:30pm & Saturday August 19th 9:15pm
2017 dir. Jeremy Gillespie Steven Kostanski
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It all starts when backwater cop Daniel Carter discovers a man stumbling along a remote roadway, covered in blood that isn’t his own. Carter takes him to a tiny local hospital to get checked out, but two shotgun-toting madmen are hot on his heels, determined to finish the job. At which point a group of mysterious knife-wielding cultists encircle the building. And then, well, the monsters arrive. Let’s just say it’s going to be one hell of an evening.

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