MIFF 2019 Top 5 Genre Film Picks & Ticket Giveaway!

18 July 2019

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FILM FESTIVAL (MIFF) returns from August 1st to 18th at a variety of screening venues across Melbourne with a bounty of cinematic delights from all around the globe including a hefty amount of genre content!

In a world where so many multi-task their media with gnawing familiarity, where so many stories congeal into cliché, where films are everywhere but voices are few, it is a wonderful possibility to offer you the off-map and singular experiences of MIFF 2019
– Al Cossar MIFF Artistic Director

Here are our Top 5 Genre Film Picks for MIFF 2019:

THE LODGE | August 8th 6:30pm & August 15th 9:45pm
Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (GOODNIGHT MOMMY) are back with a taut, wintry tale of dread and horror. A snowstorm has trapped Grace (Riley Keogh) in an isolated alpine lodge with her boyfriend Richard’s (Richard Armitage) two kids. The atmosphere is chilly, as Aidan and Mia refuse to replace their beloved mother Laura (Alicia Silverstone). More unnerving for Grace, the sole survivor of an evangelical cult, is the Catholic paraphernalia filling the lodge. As temperatures drop and paranoia grows, is she right to suspect the children of manipulating her? Are malevolent spirits haunting the lodge? Or perhaps the never-exorcised demons of Grace’s childhood are being unleashed, to harrowing effect… With a masterly command of tension, THE LODGE will keep you guessing until its devastating finale.

COME TO DADDY | August 2nd 9pm & August 3rd 11:30pm
Norval is a thirty-something misfit hipster DJ and recovering alcoholic who still lives at home with his mother. He’s not seen his dad in decades, but when he receives a handwritten invitation from the man who abandoned him as a child, Norval naïvely jumps at the opportunity. Big mistake! Revered horror producer Ant Timpson (FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL, THE GREASY STRANGLER) makes a thrilling leap to directing with this blackest of black comedies. COME TO DADDY pits a wonderfully eccentric Elijah Wood’s Norval against his father, played with juicy menace by Stephen McHattie, for an epic father/son reunion. Violent, gory, inventively twisted and endlessly twisty, it’s also at its core something deeper: a film that makes unexpected headway grappling with issues of masculinity and grief. Written with provocative glee by Toby Harvard and stunningly shot by Daniel Katz, COME TO DADDY also features Martin Donovan and Michael Smiley. Oozing with 70s exploitation vibes, this is as messed up and gloriously nutty as you would expect from Timpson’s first outing in the director’s chair.

SOMETHING ELSE | August 14th 9pm & August 17th 6:30pm
Hank and Abby are deeply in love – or, at least, that’s what Hank thinks until he finds a Dear John note from Abby. With his love gone, Hank descends into a spiral of depression, drowning his sorrows in alcohol, watching cable TV late into the small hours … and being visited each evening by what he starts to believe is some kind of monster. But is Hank being visited by a hungry animal, as his friends believe, or haunted by something more supernatural? Produced by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (THE ENDLESS) and featuring Benson in a supporting role, the latest film from star, writer and co-director Jeremy Gardner follows in the footsteps of his award-winning cult hit debut THE BATTERY, which used supernatural themes to build an intricate tale of a complicated relationship between two friends. Gardner spent six years developing the script for SOMETHING ELSE, a beautifully realised film about the monsters we create for ourselves.

THE DEAD DON’T DIE | August 4th 6pm, August 6th 9:15pm & August 17th 9pm
The planet’s out of whack, people are getting restless, and in the sleepy town of Centreville, USA, the dead are about to rise from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living – and on all the zombie clichés in movie history. Jim Jarmusch’s (THE ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE) new horror-comedy assembles a dream team of Bill Murray, Adam Driver and Chlöe Sevigny as droll local cops, Tom Waits as a prophetic hobo and Tilda Swinton as a samurai-sword wielding Scot, with a supporting cast that includes pop superstar Selena Gomez, punk icon Iggy Pop, as well as Steve Buscemi, RZA and Danny Glover. Alternately offbeat and unusually tense, THE DEAD DON’T DIE pays homage to the classic zombie canon while taking a swing at the dead-eyed consumerism of the present.

DEERSKIN | August 3rd 9:45pm & August 9th 11:30pm
Wracked by a mid-life crisis, Georges (Jean Dujardin, THE ARTIST) splashes €8000 on a fringed deerskin jacket, with a digital video camera thrown in to sweeten the deal. And it ignites in him a madness of taste. Convinced he shares a special understanding with the supple suede, Georges decides nobody else must ever wear a jacket. And he recruits waitress and aspiring film editor Denise (Adèle Haenel, THE UNKNOWN GIRL) to help document his violent adventures on fashion’s wild frontier. In his breakthrough feature RUBBER, Quentin Dupieux (aka music producer Mr Oizo) imagined the rampage of a telekinetic tyre named Robert. He’s since produced surreal riffs on genres from the slasher film to the buddy-cop comedy; and now he’s ready to kill another cinematic sacred deer: the auteur. Played with an absolutely straight elegance – except for the wobbly amateur camerawork of its obsessed antihero – DEERSKIN lampoons the idea that fashion, and film, can change lives.

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MIFF 2019 runs August 1st to 18th and you can check out the line-up here!