Filmmakers Addison Heath & Dylan Heath’s Top 5 Influences on MONDO YAKUZA!

16 November 2016

With the highly anticipated World Premiere of MONDO YAKUZA at this year’s MONSTER FEST only a week and a half away, we caught up with co-writer/director Addison Heath and producer Dylan Heath to grab their Top 5 cinematic influences on the film.

About the film:
Vengeance fuels the action film MONDO YAKUZA, the latest feature from super-prolific Australian filmmaker Addison Heath. When Yuko (Saya Minami) jokes that her father and brother are both Yakuza and that she’ll have to have them visit her Aussie boyfriend should anything untoward ever happen to her, he laughs it off – but the worst does occur and Ichiro Kataki (Kenji Shimada) is soon in Melbourne picking up an arsenal of weapons as he begins to actively seek out his sister’s killer (or killers). Meanwhile, in Melbourne’s western suburbs, a gang of thugs led by Ryan Beckett (Glenn Maynard) go about their daily business of mayhem and creative torture. Presented in black and white with a grindhouse glaze, MONDO YAKUZA comes on like CHOPPER being invaded by a character from a Seijun Suzuki crime film of the 60s. (Michael Helms)

MONDO YAKUZA plays MONSTER FEST on Saturday November 26th at 5:30pm and you can grab tickets right here!