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John Jarratt, Melissa Tkautz, Roger Ward & Simone Buchanan Announced for BOAR Opening Night Gala!

12 October 2017

Following on from last week’s announcement of writer/director Chris Sun and producers Kris Maric & Chrissy Hulsby joining MONSTER FEST 2017 for the BOAR Opening Night Gala, we’re pleased to reveal that cast members John Jarratt, Melissa Tkautz, Roger Ward & Simone Buchanan will also be in attendance and fielding a Q&A on the night.

John graduated from NIDA in 1973. In 1974, he played the title role of McCarthy in the Feature film THE GREAT MCCARTHY closely followed by PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK for which he was nominated best supporting actor. John hasn’t stopped. He appeared in countless TV dramas, including the role in of Ned Kelly in THE LAST OUTLAW for which he won Best Actor in 1981. He’s appeared in over 40 films including NEXT OF KIN, THE ODD ANGRY SHOT, WE OF THE NEVER NEVER, AUSTRALIA, DJANGO UNCHAINED and of course, the iconic, WOLF CREEK. A franchise that has included two movies and a 6 part TV series for Stan.
Melissa Tkautz began her career at the age of 3, featuring in over one hundred and sixty television commercials over five years, produced for both Australian and international companies which include Qantas and Cadbury. The Austrian/Maltese- descended teenager eventually took on roles in RICHMOND HILL, HOME AND AWAT, and THE GIRL FROM TOMORROW. After graduating from the Academy of Dramatic and Social Arts in 1991, Melissa took on a starring role in E STREET. After her stint on E STREET, Tkautz has appeared on PARADISE BEACH (1993–94), PACIFIC DRIVE (1996–98), ALL SAINTS (2001–02, 2004), SWIFT AND SHIFT COURIERS (2008, 2011) and HOUSOS (2011). 2017 saw Melissa take on her most challenging role to date, playing herself and leading the cast in the smash hit reality show THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SYDNEY, a role which allows the world to get a glimpse into Melissa’s crazy life!

Roger Ward is a pioneer of Australian film and television. Ward grew up in Adelaide. He began his career on stage at the age of twelve. He had acting roles in MAD MAX, NUMBER 96, HOMICIDE, DIVISION 4, STONE and THE MAN FROM HONG KONG. The one production that caused more controversy than any other, was the ground-breaking Australian film THE SET. Written by Ward in the 1960s but not published as a novel until 2011, the film hit the big screens in 1970.
After playing Debbie Kelly for many years in Australia’s most successful and longest running sitcom HEY DAD..!, Simone went on to star alongside Deborah Lee Furness in internationally acclaimed feature film SHAME. Simone has also starred in many television dramas including NEIGHBOURS, MCLEOD’S DAUGHTERS, BLUE HEELERS, WATER RATS, ALL SAINTS, PACIFIC DRIVE, A COUNTRY PRACTICE, SONS AND DAUGHTERS and many more. In addition to SHAME, her film credits include: FORCED ENTRY, PUSH, THE MAN FROM HIGH COUNTRY, MY BRILLIANT CAREER and PATRICK (2013).

BOAR‘s Opening Night Gala at MONSTER FEST 2017 takes place on Thursday 23rd of November!

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