Monster Marvin Reviews WINCHESTER!

02 March 2018

Our resident 12-year-old film critic, Monster Marvin, reviews recent theatrical release, The Spierig Brothers’ WINCHESTER.

WINCHESTER is a movie that makes you grab your seat in suspense and fear of what will happen. Based on the true Winchester house events that happened in the 1800s. The main characters were the psychiatrist, widow Winchester, widow Winchester’s niece and the niece’s son, Henry. There were a lot of very scary jump scares and frights. The thing I didn’t like about it was that it was like a lot of other new horror movies like THE CONJURING 2 and OUIJA, they were similar because the same thing pretty much happens i.e. a kid gets possessed by a ghost and then the main people try to stop it. I liked it because the setting of the crazy interesting Winchester house was really good and I liked the story line. If I could change something it would be that that some of the ghosts didn’t become friendly and they still were scary.

WINCHESTER is currently showing in cinemas across Australia.