Sat, 22 Oct 2016 @ 2:00 PM

11th Annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

The annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle returns for its eleventh year on Saturday, October 22nd.

The annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle returns for its eleventh year on Saturday October 22nd, meeting at 2pm and shuffling from 2:30pm at Fitzroy Gardens (near Kerekere cafe).

Here’s the official details:

Please be advised the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle is open to all ages but advises that parental supervision is recommended for anyone under 13 years of age, and sensitive children may be frightened by the sheer awesomeness of the gore of our horde, no, seriously they’re pretty damned terrifying, parental guidance is recommended. The Zombie Shuffle is volunteer run and receives no financial support; please follow all instructions of volunteer marshals and victoria police. The Melbourne Zombie Shuffle works with victoria police to try to assure a safe event. Please shuffle safe, zombies remember you’re only undead one day a year, don’t get hit by a car, tram, or unwilling zombie victim on that day. Keep your blood to yourself. No fake, replica or realistic weapons (or real ones, just no weapons okay). Do not block the footpath for photos (move to the sides if you must stop).

Every year we have thousands of Zombies turn up to shuffle through the streets, it doesn’t happen without the support of amazing Volunteers who give their time to help wrangle Zombies. We love our Human Zombie bait, we can’t do this without you! WE NEED YOU ONCE MORE!
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1. GET YOUR ZOMBIE ON: It’s the Melbourne ZOMBIE Shuffle, not the Melbourne Witches, Wizards, Werewolves and Warner Bros Character’s Shuffle. Let’s be a undead horde of Zombies for a day, we’re not trekking to Mordor to destroy a magical ring.

2. NO DICKHEADS. We might all be undead, but we also pride ourselves on running an event that is enjoyable for all. Violence, destruction of property, and general toolishness will NOT be tolerated. If you are going to stage a ‘zombie attack’, make sure you’ve cleared it with your “victim” beforehand.

2.a. NO VIOLENCE/REALISTIC WEAPONS. Yes, this may seem like an odd request given the nature of the event, but keep realistic weapons, water pistols, water bombs etc to a minimum – in fact, we’d prefer it if you didn’t bring them at all. The Melbourne Zombie Shuffle operates with the cooperation of Victoria Police, so we don’t want that thrown into jeopardy by the actions of a few nongs who think they’re in an Eli Roth film, thanks.

3. RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE AND OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY. Keep your blood and guts to yourself (or other consenting zombies). No splattering passersby, no glooping people’s shops, shopfronts or stock, no scaring children, old people or animals. This is of utmost importance.

4. OBEY THE ROAD RULES. We don’t want you to get killed again; keep the horde to the sidewalks, cross on the green man, don’t block traffic, etc. If the Police or Zombie Wardens tell you to stop doing something, THEN STOP DOING IT.

5. HAVE FUN! This is the most important rule of all – get into it! Don’t stand around worrying if your blood looks real enough, or feeling awkward – embrace your inner undead! Have you ever seen a zombie walk or strut?

6. CAMERA SHY? We all love having photographers capture our costumes on the day, and some of us will oblige a selfie or two. Please move to the side of the footpath if stopping for photos. If you’re a photographer please respect participants, if they say no to a photo with you don’t hold them up and try not to block the footpath, a bottle necked horde of zombies is all fun and games until someone bites a photographer.

7. NO DICKHEADS. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.


Saturday 22 October 2016 at 2:00 PM


Fitzroy Gardens
Wellington Parade, Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

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