Thu, 6 Dec 2018 @ 7:30 PM

John Carpenter 4K double feature detonates in Melbourne

Two John Carpenter classics, THEY LIVE & PRINCE OF DARKNESS raise the roof at The Astor

Projected in super sharp 4K, the Astor Theatre  presents the Melbourne filmgoing audience with a phenomenal John Carpenter double feature that is a 100% must see for any fan of genre cinema’s crown prince.


THEY LIVE (1988) – Nada, a down-on-his-luck construction worker, discovers a pair of special sunglasses. Wearing them, he is able to see the world as it really is: people being bombarded by media and government with messages like “Stay Asleep”, “No Imagination”, “Submit to Authority”. Even scarier is that he is able to see that some usually normal-looking people are in fact ugly aliens in charge of the massive campaign to keep humans subdued.

PRINCE OF DARKNESS (1987) – A sinister secret has been kept in the basement of an abandoned Los Angeles church for many years. With the death of a priest belonging to a mysterious sect, another priest opens the door to the basement and discovers a vat containing a green liquid. The priest contacts a group of physics graduate students to investigate it. Unfortunately, they discover that the liquid contains the essence of Satan himself, and they also discover that he will release HIS father – an all-powerful Anti-God! The liquid later comes to life itself, turning some of the students into zombies as the Devil comes forward to release his father. Will these students be able to stop him?