Filmmaker Isabel Peppard Teams Up with DESPITE THE GODS Producer to Unleash Cult Character Documentary!

12 July 2017

Award-winning animation director Isabel Peppard (BUTTERFLIES) has teamed up with documentary producer Karina Astrup (DESPITE THE GODS, 6FT HICK: NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND) on her new feature, MORGANA, an exploration of a 50-year-old woman’s transformation from dutiful housewife to feminist porn star.

While filming a large-scale bondage installation for pornographer Morgana Muses, Isabel learned that only 3 years earlier Morgana had been a housewife in the suburbs of rural Australia. Fascinated by both the character and her journey, Isabel approached Morgana to turn her life into a documentary film, along with co-director Josie Hess.
MORGANA_ArticleIsabel is drawing on her background in animation and horror to poetically illustrate and heighten Morgana’s psychological journey. The use of handmade miniature sets, installation art and Morgana’s own films compliment the dark sexual nature of the material and adds beauty and weight to the telling of her story, while also allowing Isabel to explore the line between art and artifice.

MORGANA‘s narrative naturally taps into many of Isabel’s personal thematic fascinations around existential horror, female sexuality and the redemptive power of art. While filming has wrapped, Isabel and her co-director Josie have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for post-production and release.

The campaign’s rewards are many and varied, starting at as little as $5 and ranging from a digital photograph of your name written on the filmmakers’ bodies to an executive producer credit on the finished film. MORGANA by far one of the most exciting documentary features to come out of Australia in a number of years and this is your opportunity to be a part of it. For more information visit the MORGANA: A DOCUMENTARY FILM Kickstarter page here!

About the film:
MORGANA is an artistic character portrait of a troubled 50 year old housewife, who re-invents herself as a sex-positive feminist porn star after spending 20 years in a loveless, sexless marriage. Stuck in the suburbs of rural Australia, Morgana is an eccentric woman who struggles to fit into her role as a dutiful housewife and mother. After significant weight gain, she is ridiculed and ignored by her husband and loses her desired status as a ‘trophy wife’. At the age of 47 she finally gets a divorce, but is cast out by her conservative community and left completely alone to drift, nameless and stateless. Desperately in need of touch and human contact, Morgana hires a male sex worker for one ‘last hurrah’ before ending it all. After 15 years of loneliness and sexual isolation within her marriage, the encounter ignites a spark within her and she takes control of her life and begins the process of re-constructing her identity.