Hell Freezes Over and in Other News…NIGHT TRAP to Release on Nintendo Switch!?!?

23 April 2018

In ’92, NIGHT TRAP was the single most controversial video game to ever be released, resulting in a US senate hearing and the eventual introduction of a rating system for video games in Australia.

Developed by Digital Pictures, the game released on the Sega Mega-CD, Sega 32X, 3DO & PC and was the furthest thing from receiving a quality seal of approval by Nintendo back in the day. Now some 26 years later, NIGHT TRAP will finally see the light of day on a Nintendo gaming console, courtesy of Limited Run Games!

Due to the source material no doubt being recorded in Standard Definition, we dare say that the video resolution will be a 1080p up-convert however by the looks of the trailer, it does appear that the frame-rate will be native, a vast improvement over its 12fps on previous formats.

Release date and pricing still to be confirmed.