Artwork & Australian Release Date Revealed for Luke Shanahan’s RABBIT!

26 July 2018

Following its runs at both Sydney & Brisbane’s MONSTER FEST TRAVELLING SIDESHOW, Luke Shanahan’s RABBIT will open in Australian cinemas on Thursday August 30th via Vendetta Films.
Almost a year after her identical twin’s disappearance, 25 year old medical student Maude Ashton (Adelaide Clemens) is still haunted by visions of her violent abduction. Convinced she is still alive, Maude follows the clues to a derelict caravan park where she discovers her fate is intrinsically linked to that of her sister, while the entire experiment is controlled by a ‘secret society’ that likes to watch. If Maude wants to see her sister again she’ll have to go through with a series of strange experiments.

RABBIT will open in Australian cinemas from Thursday August 30th.