EXCLUSIVE: Gorier Trailer & New Stills from Jen & Sylvia Soska’s RABID!

13 August 2019

As we countdown toward our Australian screenings of Twisted Twins Jen & Sylvia Soska’s RABID at FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST 2019, we’re pleased to bring you a gorier trailer and a selection of new stills from the film, exclusively supplied by the film’s Australian distributor Defiant Screen Entertainment!

RABID will have its Australian Premiere at FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST PART VIII: MONSTER TAKES MELBOURNE followed by screenings in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth & Sydney FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST 2019: MONSTER TAKES AUSTRALIA and tickets are on sale now!

What happens when you realise that to achieve your dreams you have to live a nightmare? Rose (Laura Vandervoort) is a quiet, demure, unassuming woman in her looks and actions. Her dream is to become a famous designer in the fashion world, but a terrible accident leaves Rose scarred beyond recognition. She seeks out a radical untested stem cell treatment. The treatment is nothing short of a miracle and wallflower Rose turns into the belle of the ball. It all seems to good to be true. She is now everything she wanted to be. But everything in life comes at a price and this new found perfect life is no exception.

Cinema Nova (Melbourne)
Saturday October 12th 5:15pm – Tickets

Event Cinemas George St (Sydney)
Friday November 1st 7pm – Tickets

GU Film House (Adelaide)
Friday November 1st 7pm – Tickets

Event Cinemas Innaloo (Perth)
Friday November 1st 7pm – Tickets

Capitol Cinemas Manuka (Canberra)
Saturday November 2nd 8pm – Tickets

Event Cinemas Myer Centre (Brisbane)
Sunday November 3rd 6pm – Tickets