FREAK ME OUT Genre Film Program at Sydney Film Festival!

16 May 2018

Sydney Film Festival kicks off June 6th through to the 17th and this year has decided to try to freak you out, with a new program appropriately titled, FREAK ME OUT. As per the description on the festival’s site, the program will be ‘devoted to everything from exploitation extravaganzas to highly unusual arthouse items’. Consisting of seven exciting new features, that include the first Australian screening of UPGRADE, the latest film from writer/director Leigh Whannell (SAW, INSIDIOUS) and Blumhouse Productions.

Presented by the University of Sydney, FREAK ME OUT is part of the Sydney Film Festival’s larger mission to bring new and exciting film premieres to Australia.

A full program is reproduced below, along with a brief summary of the films:

Professor Philip Goodman is a professional debunker of psychics and all things paranormal. After exposing yet another fraud on the cheesy TV show he hosts, Goodman receives a package from an academic he once idolised. The contents propel Goodman into a series of investigations that force him to confront everything he doesn’t believe in. And it gets worse, much worse.
Screening Wednesday June 6th & Monday June 11th

Logan Marshall-Green (THE INVITATION) is Grey, an old-school mechanic in a near-future where Artificial Intelligence does almost everything. After low-life scumbags murder his wife (Melanie Vallejo) and leave him paralysed, Grey is implanted with STEM, a miracle-performing microchip. Soon, he’s transformed into a super-warrior bent on revenge.
Screening Thursday June 7th & Friday June 8th

The latest film by multitalented genre maven Colin Minihan (GRAVE ENCOUNTERS) takes familiar horror-thriller ingredients and forges them into a story that upends convention and expectation. There’s the happy couple skipping off for a romantic weekend in the wilderness. Then there’s the old family cabin with its history and secrets. And of course the neighbours across the lake seem to know. . .something.
Screening Friday June 8th & Tuesday June 12th

Reed is a seemingly ordinary husband and father. Except for his uncontrollable urge to kill. On a ‘business trip’, Reed checks into a hotel and calls an escort service. His plan to murder sex worker Jackie turns out to be anything but straightforward.
Screening Saturday June 9th & Tuesday June 12th
Clara (Isabél Zuaa) is poor, black and unemployed. Against the odds, she lands a live-in nanny job in the posh São Paulo apartment of Ana (Marjorie Estiano), a pregnant white woman whose rich family have disowned her. As Ana’s delivery date approaches the women become lovers. But Ana has begun to act very strangely when the moon is full.
Screening Saturday June 10th & Thursday June 14th
What happens when a bunch of young punk rockers take the latest party drug and wind up knifing a cop? They go on the lam to a cabin in the woods, of course. So begins Jenn Wexler’s juicy entry in the punk horror stakes. Chloë Levine gives a dynamite lead performance as Chelsea, a clever cookie (and anything but your average ‘Final Girl’) who leads her snotty pals to a supposedly safe haven. But this leafy locale holds dark memories for Chelsea and is home to a demented public official who really doesn’t like littering or young non-conformists.
Screening Friday June 15th & Saturday June 17th

When the producers of Field Guide. . .went searching for directors to adapt scary folk tales specific to their own countries, they struck pure gold. Ranging in tone from Franz and Fiala’s exquisite Austrian mood piece to Evrenol’s Turkish evil spirit shocker and Strickland’s hilarious Hungarian pantomime, Field Guide. . .truly has something spooky and stylish for everyone.
Screening Friday June 15th & Saturday June 16th
For further information or to view the Sydney Film Festival’s larger program, check out their website here!