Trailer Drops for Possession Horror THE ASSENT!

29 April 2019

Currently in post-production, THE ASSENT, is a new possession meets spooky kid horror film from writer/director Pearry Reginald Teo (GHOSTHUNTERS, THE CURSE OF SLEEPING BEAUTY) and today the international sales agent Bleiberg Entertainment have released a trailer ahead of next month’s Marché du Film in Cannes.

Under the request of the international sales agent the trailer has now been removed.

After spending three years in prison for the death of an 8-year-old during a failed exorcism, Father Lambert (Peter Jason, THEY LIVE) seeks redemption on a young single father, Joel Clarke (Robert Kazinsky, CAPTAIN MARVEL), whom he believes has been marked by the Devil himself. Conjuring “deliverance” (unsanctioned exorcisms), Father Lambert convinces Joel that without his help, he will lose his son (Caden Dragomer, INTO THE DARK) forever. But there is an even darker force at work. With only hours before the Assent, it is a race against time for the soul of a little boy that culminates with a dark and shocking revelation that will leave you questioning how deep the Devil is inside us all.

THE ASSENT will be represented at the Marché du Film by Bleiberg/Dimbort.