Own MONSTER FEST Award-Winning Filmmaker’s New Short on VHS!

30 November 2017

Winner of MONSTER FEST 2016 Best Australian Short Film (INSOMNOLENCE), Kiefer Findlow is currently in production on his latest short, THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98. In order to raise much needed post-production funds, Kiefer is offering an assortment of items for sale online, the most exciting of which is a limited run VHS in two variants.
TNJ98-VHS.fwAvailable in Blue or Standard Black, both variants are limited and only available until midnight tomorrow night (December 1st). The Blue variant is retailing at $30 and comes with a Digital Download of the short film along with behind-the-scenes footage and selected shorts from Kiefer’s oeuvre while the Standard Black comes sans special features but does contain a Digital Download of the short and retails at $20.

In addition to the VHS release, Kiefer is selling off props from THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98 and best of all he’s having a flash sale right now on select items. Check out the range right here which includes an amazing vampire hunting kit housed in a a genuine vintage suitcase.
TNJ-VHK About the film:
After being kidnapped by a secretive cult, a TV journalist is forced to record their last will & testament while a police siege rages outside. As the interviews go on, he is pulled into the horrific world of the cult.

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