Jill Gevargizian’s Award-Winning Short THE STYLIST Moves to Feature!

06 September 2019

Filmmaker Jill Gevargizian has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to take her Monster Fest award-winning short THE STYLIST to feature and with twenty-one days remaining the project is nearing the halfway mark of its funding goal.

THE STYLIST follows Claire whose dream of being someone else goes from an obsession to a living nightmare. Her job as a hairstylist allows her to move in and out of other people’s worlds, but when the right target sits in her chair, she does more than observe the client’s life – she ends it… and keeps a permanent souvenir. Her lonely life, meticulous method and shocking secrets are suddenly thrown into turmoil when her regular client, Olivia, asks her to style her hair for her wedding.

Jill has said that “it was my intention from the inception of the story for it to be a feature-length, but I wanted more experience first. Four years later I now have over a dozen short films and music videos under my belt as a director and producer including CALL GIRL, BFF GIRLS, 42 COUNTS, and ONE LAST MEAL. I am ready to helm my first feature film.

THE STYLIST’s crowdfunding budget of AUD$68,187 will spread over everything from casting to catering to post-production and even the marketing of the finished film.

Supporters of the campaign can score everything from a shout-out on social media to an executive producer credit on the final film with pledges starting from as little as AUD$15!

Jump onboard of THE STYLIST crowdfunding campaign and help Jill and her team make the film that we need to see!

Also keep an eye out for FANGORIA x MONSTER FEST 2019: MONSTER TAKES MELBOURNE next week as you may be seeing some more of Jill’s work at this year’s fest!