The Wonderful World of WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S Poster Art!

09 November 2016

It’s no secret that marketing is paramount to a film’s box office potential and once upon a time a great poster was a major component in that but what few know is how varied that key art could be across the international territories in which the film would release. No example is more true than Ted Kotcheff’s seminal 1989 buddy corpse comedy, WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S and to prove the point we’ve collected poster art from around the world to show you!

American Theatrical Art
wab-us-t-fwAll three leads, Jonathan Silverman, Andrew McCarthy & Terry Kiser are prominently featured on the US theatrical poster and not one but two taglines adorn the art.

American Home Video Art
The fresh art for the US home video release sees all three key cast return only this time they’ve trimmed the first tagline in half and added Bernie’s surname. Another addition is the debut appearance of the uniquely late-eighties title treatment.

Australian Theatrical Art
Our Aussie theatrical poster was pretty much on par with the US home video art only we added back in that second tagline and for a first two of the leads (Jonathan Silverman & Andrew McCarthy) are billed appear above the title treatment.

German Theatrical Art
wab-ger-t-fwSimilar to the previous two territories in terms of imagery and layout only this time the German distributor felt that McCarthy was a bigger selling point than Silverman and who can fault them, after all McCarthy had just come from a glorious run of eighties box office hits (Mannequin anyone?).

British Theatrical Art
Shit gets weird once we leap across the pond, entirely new art with three figures who clearly aren’t Andrew McCarthy, Catherine Mary Stewart & Jonathan Silverman. In fact the Jonathan Silverman figure looks more like Sasha Mitchell’s character Cody in that nineties sitcom STEP BY STEP on this poster! Headshots of the three of the cast members feature in floating boxes directly below a title treatment that’s in the vein of the one we’ve seen prior. Curiously actress Catherine Mary Stewart makes her debut on a WAB poster while Terry Kiser goes MIA. The only appearance of Bernie on this art is that of an upturned leg model protruding from the sand, a poor representation too as Bernie remains clothed through the feature even when he’s necromantised. Also of interest is the Statue of Liberty and a silhouette of the Twin Towers in the distance to give international viewers an idea of the film’s locale.

Spanish, Serbian & Italian Theatrical Art
The above international posters speak for themselves, slight variations to the UK art in terms of layout, style and billing though the Italian title treatment is a little more menacing than any we’ve seen prior.

Polish Theatrical Art
wab-pol-t-fwOnce again the Polish prove to be the most abstract and creative of any film marketing worldwide with a poster that tells us very little of the story but intrigues so much that we can’t not see the film to know what’s going on. This poster is a piece of art in its own right and we worship at its bizarre and possibly unintentionally sexually suggestive alter.

WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S plays MONSTER FEST on Saturday November 26th at 9:30pm with a live introduction by director Ted Kotcheff and you can grab tickets right here!