Arrow Video Announce Plans to Release Vinyl Soundtracks!

11 August 2017

Arrow Video announced overnight that they will release a Zavvi retailer exclusive variant of their PIECES soundtrack vinyl as the first release in their new venture, Arrow Records.

The decision to lead with PIECES as their first release has been met with some criticism by Arrow fans as the PIECES soundtrack had already been released prior by the label in a Deluxe Limited Edition set with Blu-ray, DVD & jigsaw. However Arrow are claiming that since the Deluxe Limited Edition contained a Red vinyl variant limited to 1000 pieces, that this Clear vinyl variant limited to 500 pieces is different enough to be a standalone release.

We can understand the argument from both sides, fans are unhappy that they may have been duped into buying the Deluxe Limited Edition as that seemed like the only way they would be able to obtain PIECES on vinyl while Arrow Records are doing what any other record company publishing vinyl these days are doing by pressing another limited variant LP. The only problem we can see is that the new Zavvi exclusive variant is limited to less units than the initial pressing, 500 vs 1000.

In any case it’s exciting news that Arrow intend to release more soundtrack LPs down the track through their Arrow Records subsidiary, given the reach of their licensing powers we may see some pretty cool stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day via Death Waltz, Mondo or Waxworks as yet!

You can pre-order the Zavvi exclusive Clear variant of PIECES right now and here are some images right here:

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