Clayton Jacobson’s BROTHERS’ NEST Teaser Drops Ahead of SXSW Premiere!

01 March 2018

Ahead of its March 11th World Premiere at Austin’s South By Southwest, a teaser has dropped for Clayton Jacobson’s dark comedy, BROTHERS’ NEST.

With their Mother dying of cancer, intent on changing her will to benefit her ‘new’ husband before she dies, two brothers (Clayton & Shane Jacobson) go to extreme and deadly lengths to protect their inheritance from being signed away before it’s too late.

Shane Jacobson has to be the hardest working actor in Australia at the moment, with two theatrical features, THAT’S NOT MY DOG & THE BBQ in cinemas within a month of one another and his third, BROTHERS’ NEST directed by on-screen and real life brother Clayton Jacobson having its World Premiere at SXSW in less than a fortnight!

Also starring a host of Aussie talent including Sarah Snook (PREDESTINATION, THE DRESSMAKER) & Kim Gyngell (THE COMEDY COMPANY, VERY SMALL BUSINESS), BROTHER’S NEST is penned by Jaime Browne, co-writer of the magnificent 2014 film, THE MULE.

No word as yet to an Australian release but we’ve heard murmurs of a June theatrical release.