Cult Held Up in Melbourne’s Lido Cinema Ahead of ALL-NIGHT MARATHON!

14 November 2016

Cult of Monster’s Melbourne charter have been preparing themselves with a few late-night trial runs ahead of the annual ALL-NIGHT MARATHON to be held on Saturday November 26th at Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn. Courtesy of US broadcast station, Christian News Network (CNN), we have the following footage captured late last week prior to the crew themselves being inducted into the Cult of Monster. Remember folks, it’s so easy and so so beautiful! Join the Cult and buy your ticket today!

Saturday November 26th 11:54pm
Join the Cult of Monster and get access to our exclusive all-night marathon of religious cult madness onscreen, featuring both new and repertory films that flaunt a diverse array of cults from folk horror to Jonestown. We’ll be opening with the Australian Premiere of Neil Edwards’ SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL: THE TRUE STORY OF THE PROCESS CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGEMENT, followed by a 50th Anniversary screening of J. Lee Thompson’s proto-WICKER MAN folk horror EYE OF THE DEVIL (starring Sharon Tate in her first role!), the Australian Premiere of Malaysian tribal thriller INTERCHANGE, a special screening (presented by our friends at Mexico’s Morbido Film Festival) of Rene Cardona Jr.’s shocker GUYANA: CULT OF THE DAMNED and closing as daylight hits with Ted Kotcheff’s brilliant deprogramming drama SPLIT IMAGE, in a brand new HD transfer (just for this screening!) courtesy of Universal Pictures, followed by a Q+A with Ted Kotcheff himself.