Stephen King’s CUJO Score Makes its Vinyl Debut!

25 September 2017

On October 6th, Real Gone Music are releasing CUJO to vinyl for the very first-time!

Ah, life in the country…such bucolic bliss. Until your neighbour’s dog contracts rabies, kills its owner, and then comes after you! With such emotional extremes, CUJO was not an easy movie to score but when Stephen King’s classic novel came to the screen in 1983 starring Dee Wallace & Daniel Hugh-Kelly with Lewis Teague directing, composer/conductor Charles Bernstein (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) proved mightily up to the task.

In addition to employing harsh synthesizer effects and dissonant orchestral layers leading up to the climactic showdown between Mom and beast, Bernstein also penned a tender theme expressing the gentle joys of family life.

Unfortunately, post production woes mixed up some cues and caused the score to be abbreviated in the film; Intrada’s recent CD release presented Bernstein’s work for the first time as it was originally recorded, and that’s where the 18 tracks on this first-ever vinyl release come from.

Limited black and brown “St. Bernard” vinyl edition is limited to 1000 copies!
CUJO-LPCOVERThe Track List is as follows:

Side A:
1. Main Title & Rabbit Chase
2. Bedroom
3. Kemp to Dinner Table
4. Cujo’s Entrance (Revised)
5. Hoist Delivery & Spilt Milk
6. Monster Words Wall & Cujo in Fog
7. Brett and Charity
8. Cujo Kills Garry

Side B:
1. Cujo Kills Camber
2. Drive to Siege
3. Crane to Cujo & Car Stalls
4. Pee-Em Phone & Sunrise
5. Cujo Attacks Car
6. Cujo Attacks Donna & 360 in Car (Revised)
7. Cujo on the Hood to Sunrise II (Revised Alternate #2)
8. Final Confrontation
9. Revive Tad

You can pre-order it here now via Amazon.