Check Out EKRANOPLANS Music Video Directed by Cultist Jarret!

06 November 2017

When not serving at the alter of the Cult of Monster (and rabidly watching films), cultist Jarret occasionally finds the time for the odd bout of creative expression. When approached by Fatal Visions‘ Michael Helms to produce a music video for EKRANOPLANS, a band fronted by Simon Strong of The LedaTape Organisation, Jarret was intrigued, particularly since having caught the band’s first live performance earlier this year.

It was Simon’s concept for the video though that saw Jarret commit to the project. In keeping with the message of the track ‘We Told Ya’, Simon envisioned an experimental sci-fi theme to the clip that would pay homage to many of the films that the song directly referenced. Given free rein to take the idea to outcome, Jarret spent a number of weeks crafting a video that would stay true to Simon’s concept but would play well within the music video realm and maintain a slither of narrative comprehension.

Now you can be the judge, without further ado, here’s the EKRANOPLANS ‘We Told Ya’…

EKRANOPLANS are Aaron Goldberg on guitars/pedals and back-up vocals; Sonke Rickertsen on drums/knives/cello/percussion/Juno-6; Stefan Schutt on bass guitar and back-up vocals & Simon Strong on lead vocals.

EKRANOPLANS ‘Proof of Concept’ EP is available now at