Actor Laurence R. Harvey on His Roles in THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 & 3

31 October 2016

Here at Cult of Monster, Halloween is our Christmas and we’re all about treats at this time of year! Our gift to you this Halloween (aside from our nationwide screenings of Rob Zombie’s 31) is a previously unreleased interview featurette we produced with actor Laurence R. Harvey while he was in the country last year to tour THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3: FINAL SEQUENCE.

Titled ‘Martin & Dwight: A Tale of Two Laurences’, it is as you may guessed primarily about Laurence’s work on THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE sequels but it also touches on his humble beginnings in theatre right through to his roles in British children’s television programs.

Sit back, enjoy and Happy Halloween from all of us at Cult of Monster!