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MONSTER FEST 2017 Final Wave Programming & Artwork Revealed!

26 October 2017

With a mere twenty-eight days to go before Australia’s premier genre film festival, MONSTER FEST returns for its seventh year, we’re pleased to announce our final wave of programming for this year’s festival!

Making its Australian Premiere is HOUSEWIFE, the English-language debut from BASKIN filmmaker, Can Evrenol, that is best described as a slow-burn descent into batshit insanity. Also making its Australian Premiere, fresh from the Toronto International Film Festival is the latest from BACKCOUNTRY filmmaker Adam MacDonald, PYEWACKET, an occult thriller that will have you on the edge of seven seats from where you first sat. Another Aussie Premiere is COLD HELL, a German-Austrian co-production from multi-award winning ANATOMY filmmaker Stefean Ruzowitzky, that fuses giallo-style with face-paced action.

MONSTER FEST is proud to present the Victorian Premiere of Gary Doust’s HORROR MOVIE: A LOW BUDGET NIGHTMARE in its Director’s Cut, a heartbreaking and hilarious documentary that will no doubt serve as inspiration to aspiring Australian genre filmmakers. After wowing audiences at MONSTER FEST TRAVELLING SIDESHOW in Perth last month,  Graham Skipper’s sci-fi/retro-tech/horror SEQUENCE BREAK and the Spanish claustrophobic suspense-driven thriller THE GLASS COFFIN will make their Victorian screen debuts. Rounding out our final wave announcement is the return of MONSTER FEST favourite, Dieter Laser (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE Trilogy) in the Estonian fantasy horror, NOVEMBER.

Without further ado, here is our MONSTER FEST 2017 artwork designed by Mark Van De Beek of Beek Creative…THE BEAST IS BACK!


Gary Doust | Australia 2017 | Victorian Premiere

Sick of playing roles like the ‘diabetes patient’ or the ‘weird friend’ on Australian TV, actor/filmmaker Craig Anderson embarks on a hilarious, tumultuous and blood-soaked journey to fulfil a life-long dream to make a horror film (RED CHRISTMAS). With Hollywood ‘scream queen’ Dee Wallace (E.T., CUJO, THE HOWLING) onboard, it’s not long before things wildly go off the rails and the dream turns into a low-budget nightmare.

Screens with the short film HOMER_A
Dir. Conor Sweeney & Milos Mitrovic | Canada 2017 | 9 mins

Rainer Sarnet | Estonia 2017 | Victorian Premiere

In this tale of love and survival in 19th century Estonia, peasant girl Liina longs for village boy Hans, but Hans is inexplicably infatuated by the visiting German baroness that possesses all that he longs for. For Liina, winning Hans’ requited love proves incredibly complicated in this dark, harsh landscape where spirits, werewolves, plagues, and the devil himself converge, where thievery is rampant, and where souls are highly regarded, but come quite cheap.
NOVEMBERScreens with the short film ESCARABANA
Dir. Sara Casasnovas | Spain 2017 | 11 mins

Haritz Zubillaga | Spain 2017 | Victorian Premiere

Dressed for the occasion in an elegant evening outfit, Amanda steps into the huge luxury limousine which is parked outside her house, waiting to take her to the gala ceremony where she is due to receive a lifetime award for a career in acting. Suddenly the glass in the windows goes dark, Amanda’s phone is jammed and she can’t open any of the doors. A strange voice, distorted by a metallic filter, tells her not to try to break the windows. She will not succeed, it says; the voice has thought of everything. She would be better just to accept that she is trapped inside. If Amanda doesn’t want things to turn even more unpleasant than is strictly necessary, from now on she must do everything the voice tells her. The time has come, THE SHOW IS ABOUT TO BEGIN…

Screens with the short film FIERCE
Dir. Izù Troin | France 2017 | 15 mins

Adam MacDonald | Canada 2017 | Australian Premiere

Leah, a teenage girl is forced to move to a house in the woods by her unstable mother after the painful passing of her father. Feeling trapped and hopeless, Leah turns to Black Magic to release her anger. She naively performs an occult ritual found in a book on her bedroom shelf to evoke the spirit of a witch to kill her mother. Stricken by guilt, Leah desperately tries to reverse the spell, but soon realizes she has awoken something in the woods, and nothing can prepare Leah for the terror she has unleashed.

Screens with the short film UNDRESS ME
Dir. Amelia Moses | Canada 2017 | 13 mins

Graham Skipper | USA 2017 | Victorian Premiere

A reclusive video arcade repair technician, Oz, has his reality fractured when a mysterious new arcade machine appears in his shop and a beautiful young woman enters his life. Inspired by films such as VIDEODROME, ALTERED STATES, and modern indie genre cinema, SEQUENCE BREAK throws Oz down the rabbit hole, featuring strange metaphysical forces, bizarre bio-mechanical mutations, Cronenbergian hallucinations, and a shocking self-realisation.

Screens with the short film THE ELDRITCH CODE
Dir. Ivan Radovic | Sweden 2017 | 10 mins

Stefan Ruzowitzky | Germany / Austria 2017 | Australian Premiere

Prostitutes are being brutally murdered by a fanatical serial killer. When she catches a glimpse of him going about his grisly work, a kick-boxing taxi driver, Özge, finds herself in the maniac’s crosshairs. Ignored by police and hampered by bureaucracy, Violetta transforms into an enraged vigilante, turning the tables on her psychotic stalker. A smart, contemporary hard-boiled thriller set deep in the heart of picturesque Vienna, Academy Award winner Stefan Ruzowitzky mixes giallo-style flourishes with fast-paced action in his female-driven tale of survival and revenge.
COLDHELLScreens with the short film CREEPER
Dir. Drew MacDonald | Australia 2016 | 12 mins

Can Evrenol | Turkey 2017 | Australian Premiere

Be advised: Leave your expectations at the door. Can Evrenol’s English-language follow up to the mind-blowing BASKIN is a slow-burn descent into batshit insanity – or as the director himself put it “These are all my fucked up dreams, shoved right into your face” – and from the astounding opening sequence to its grotesque, brain-numbing finale, your preconceptions have no place here. Still traumatised by the death of her father and sister at the hands of her demonically possessed mother 20 years ago, Holly is slowly losing her grip on reality. Things go from bad to worse when she is persuaded to attend an event hosted by a celebrity psychic, who turns out to be the leader of a cult.
HOUSEWIVEScreens with the short film BIRTHDAY
Dir. Alberto Viavattene | Italy 2017 | 15 mins

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