Monster Marvin Reviews ANNABELLE: CREATION!

11 May 2018

Hot off the news that a new ANNABELLE film is in the works with a tentative US release date of July 3rd 2019, our resident 12-year-old film critic, Monster Marvin, takes a look at their 2017 instalment, ANNABELLE: CREATION.

ANNABELLE: CREATION, the prequel to ANNABELLE, in the same universe as THE CONJURING was so scary that at times I had to cover my face. A demon with eyes that glow in the dark and horns, takes control after Annabelle dies in a nasty car accident by possessing a very creepy doll. Twelve years later the house in which Annabelle’s family lived has turned into an orphanage and lots of scary stuff happens to the orphaned girls, two of the girls in particular. Annabelle’s parents are pretty scary too, they make the dolls. The bit that most scared me the most was when the main girl goes down in the dumbwaiter to the mother’s room and she sees blood and the mother is chopped in half hanging on the wall. I recommend it to people who like getting nightmares for at least two weeks.

ANNABELLE: CREATION is now available on Blu-ray & DVD.