Daniel Armstrong’s NOVA STAR Announced & Artwork Unveiled!

23 January 2018

In association with Strongman Pictures, we’re psyched to unveil new artwork for prolific Australian genre filmmaker and MONSTER FEST 2017 award-winner, Daniel Armstrong’s upcoming retro sci-fi feature film, NOVA STAR by renowned Australian-based illustrator, Miss Cherry Martini.
NOVA STAR is set in an 80s’ retro future-world where Mack and her robot co-worker, Spanners, clean toilets aboard the majestic spaceship Nova Queen. When an ancient Star fragment is embedded in Mack’s skull by a dying space princess, the space-shit hits the proverbial space-fan. Mack and Spanners are forced out on an adventure across the galaxy to escape the clutches of kill-bots, space pirates, bounty hunters and an evil space queen, who plans to use the Star to flush the entire cosmos out of reality through a black hole. Using everything she knows from a life working in sanitation, it’s up to Mack to save the star and the galaxy in the process!

To celebrate this space-epic news of an all-new Daniel Armstrong’s feature film, Strongman Pictures are throwing a ‘SUMMERTIME SPACE PARTY’ in Melbourne at The 8 Percent (17 Yarra Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia) on Friday February 16th 7pm with an exclusive first-look at a teaser for the film along with free whiskey from event partners Deviant Distillery, beer, space-themed cocktails, space canapés, space entertainers, space games and way more amazing space things!!! They’ll be door prizes and a cool gift bag for the first 100 space revellers to space-race through the door, all thanks to the awesome folks at Monster Pictures, Lido Cinemas, The 8 Percent and Roar Digital!

All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards making the film when it goes into production mid-2018. Tickets are strictly limited and can purchased ahead of the event right here!

Don’t forget Armstrong’s MONSTER FEST 2017 award-winner for the Ozflix ‘Best Australian Feature’, TARNATION is now available for pre-order here!