Cameras Roll This Week on Daniel Armstrong’s NOVA STAR!

01 August 2018

NOVA STAR, the fifth feature from prolific Australian genre filmmaker Daniel Armstrong (TARNATION, SHEBORG MASSACRE) and production powerhouse, Strongman Pictures, will begin principle photography this Saturday August 4th.
Set in an 80s’ retro-future-world, Mack and her robot co-worker Spanners, clean toilets aboard a majestic spaceship, the Nova Queen. When an ancient star fragment is embedded in Mack’s skull by a dying space princess the space-shit hits the space-fan. Mack & Spanners are chased across the galaxy by Kill-Bots, Space Pirates, Bounty Hunters and an evil Space Queen who will use the Star to flush the entire cosmos out of reality through a black hole. Using everything she knows from a life working in sanitation it’s up to Mack to save the star, and save the galaxy!

NOVA STAR will reunite the female leads from everyone of Daniel’s previous films: Daisy Masterman (TARNATION and SHEBORG MASSACRE) as Princess Nova, Whitney Duff (SHEBORG MASSACRE) as Space Pirate Rom, Jenna Dwyer (FROM PARTS UNKNOWN: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL) as Space General Zia  and Amber Sajben (MURDERDROME) is Princess Aurora.
Although not pictured, Danae Swinburne (TARNATION, SHEBORG MASSACRE) will also return as Andromeda Hex.

NOVA STAR features Rebecca Fortuna (Netflix’s ROSTERED ON, ABC’s UTOPIA) in the lead role of space toilet cleaner, turned interstellar adventurer, Mack and Mitchell Brotz (BOOMERANG, TARNATION) co-stars as her helpful robot chum, Spanners.

While Daniel has flirted with sci-fi elements in his films prior, SHEBORG MASSACRE in particular, NOVA STAR will mark his first dedicated foray in to the genre while maintaining that unmistakable sense of humour that a Strongman Pictures film is known for. Daniel remarks his inspiration to do so as a product of “…growing up watching BUCK ROGERS, BLAKE’S 7, DR. WHO (Tom Baker era) and the first film I ever recall seeing at the drive-in with my parents was STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE. It’s a combination of the sheer imagination and pure escapism of the genre that appeals to me the most. NOVA STAR is as much a love letter to my childhood love of sci-fi as it is to my present day passion for the genre.

Primary shooting is scheduled for completion late September with plans for a 2019 release.