Genre Film Highlights at QUEENSLAND FILM FESTIVAL!

19 July 2018

QUEENSLAND FILM FESTIVAL (QFF) returns this year with a smorgasbord of genre and cult features including a retrospective of Helene Cattet & Bruno Forzani’s neo-giallo films, and much-anticipated genre hits like HAGAZUSSA and YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE.

QFF exists to showcase the best of contemporary international cinema in all its forms, and kick off July 19th to the 29th.

We’ve put together a list of everything you need to check out at the festival:

Equal parts political satire, eco-horror and road movie, Terror Nullius is a rogue remapping of national mythology, where a misogynistic remark is met with the sharp beak of a bird, feminist bike gangs rampage and bicentenary celebrations are ravaged by flesh-eating sheep. An intricate remix of Australia’s pop culture and film legacy, Soda_Jerk return with a work that’s dark, hopeful, irreverent and urgent.
Screening Thursday July 19th 7:30pm

As a child, youth and adult, three sensual moments define Ana’s life, witnessing a primal scene after the death of her grandfather, a trip into town with her mother, and the dreamlike invasion of her home. Trees whisper as her carnal search sways between reality and coloured fantasies, becoming more and more oppressive. An oneiric study of womanhood, Cattet & Forzani’s breakthrough feature debut unveils their private universe with the fetishistic deployment of giallo visuals (and other lurid pulp) magnified until the world glistens—then reversed, subverting our presumptions.
Screening Saturday July 21st 6:30pm

Somewhere in the remote Austrian Alps in the 15th century. An orphan and outcast, Albrun (Aleksandra Cwen) lives in a log-cabin farm, isolated in snowy woodland with her newborn baby. Shunned but obliged to interact with the nearby village, and in search of support and friendship, Albrun is enticed into a malevolent ritual… A slowburn horror film, Hagazussa is marked by the sheer physical presence of nature: the shimmer of light through woods, fogged mountains, and mushrooms growing through mud—as it builds and prepares for the psychedelic infernal visions that spring from Albrun.
Screening Saturday July 21st 8:45pm

The second of the Cattet & Forzani’s features to pay tribute to gialli, The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears chronicles a man’s search for his missing wife. Within the Art Nouveau building in which this mystery deepens, Dan Kristensen (Klaus Tange) falls into a dizzying psychosis, lured by his neighbours’ stories and the footprints of an elusive assailant. A dazzling work, this movie is less interested in its plot than in extending and inverting the hyper-stylisation of the gialli, turning Dan’s exploration of his apartment complex into a vertiginous study of his own mind. Accompanied by a supercut of scores lifted from the films of Italian slasher masters, The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears will swallow its audience in a rush of delirium.
Screening Sunday July 22nd 12:30pm

Every summer, Luce (played by the great Elina Löwensohn), an eccentric painter spends her time at a hamlet in southern France. This summer, her guests are Max Bernier (an alcoholic old flame), her current squeeze (a lawyer named Bisorgueil), and three friends of his whom she has yet to meet: Rhino, Gros and Alex. Late, these latter three have stolen 250kg of gold and hope to lay low at Luce’s. But we can’t have everything go to plan, and the hamlet shortly transforms into a battlefield.
Screening Sunday July 22nd  7:30pm

Joaquin Phoenix, in an award-winning role, plays Joe. A traumatised veteran, unafraid of violence, he tracks down missing girls for a living. Hired to rescue a powerful senator’s daughter, he becomes entangled in a paranoid network of lies, deceit, corruption and violence. Past and present intertwine as he stumbles upon what might be his death trip or his awakening. This taut expressionistic noir, winner of Best Screenplay award at Cannes, has a sense of vision and tactility that could only have come from the Scottish master Lynne Ramsey, in her long awaited fourth feature. A pulsating and inventive score, now typical of Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, mingles with Joe’s visions to powerful effect.
Screening Wednesday July 25th 6:30pm

This under-seen, pitch-black farce ranks amongst the director’s most provocative and unforgettable films, as fiercely feminist as it is nonetheless ribald and pessimistic. Burlesquing the rape-revenge genre, it concerns a veterinarian and the fallout from the very particular vengeance she obtains after being sexually assaulted by a corrupt MP and a slimy advertising executive. Véra Chytilová’s antepenultimate fiction film is a family affair, with camerawork from son Štěpán Kučera and costuming by daughter Tereza Kučerová.
Screening Friday July 27th 8pm

Diamantino, the world’s premiere soccer star, loses his special touch and ends his career in disgrace. Searching for a new purpose, the international icon sets on a delirious odyssey where he confronts neo-fascism, the refugee crisis, genetic modification, and the hunt for the source of genius. The power ballad of the empty-headed ‘Tino sees him caught up in conspiracy crisscrossing Europe: haunted by his identity but also dreaming of moppet puppies bursting through fields of fairyfloss.
Screening Sunday July 29th 7:00pm

For more information or to check out the entire QFF’s program, visit their website!