Dick Dale’s RIBSPREADER Hits its Funding Goal But There’s Still Time For You to Die!

14 June 2019

That’s right! Dick Dale’s crowdfunding campaign for his feature-length debut RIBSPREADER has reached its target of $20,000 (in fact it’s currently sitting just over $21,000) but as the campaign draws to a close, there’s a still a chance for you to die…on screen that is!

Whether it’s starring in your own claymation snuff film or a cameo death in Australia’s first splatter punk video nasty, Adelaide’s trash film maestro Dick Dale is offering you not one but two chances to be immortalised in death as a victim of Murder City!

Locations in Adelaide for this comedy horror film range from Noarlunga to Port Adelaide, with some scenes in Melbourne and even the U.K. The campaign offers a smorgasbord of rewards including t-shirts, Associate Producer credits and of course an on-screen death at the hands of one of the serial killer citizens of RIBSPREADER’s “Murder City”.

And now Trasharama veteran and claymation master Alex Machin offers a unique reward for last minute backers of the project: a custom made claymation snuff film featuring the backer rendered in plasticine as the victim. Never mind James Bond, with RIBSPREADER… You Only Die Twice!

RIBSPREADER follows Bryan Burns (Tommy Darwin), whose life in ruins decades after his illustrious run as the tobacco advertising icon ‘CC Ryder’. Looking for love in the wrong places and having just buried his mother who died of lung cancer, he is tormented by a cartoon cigarette on an anti-smoking billboard and his mind finally snaps and he transforms into the RIBSPREADER, a killer stalking the city, extinguishing smokers and cutting out their lungs to make his macabre smoking jacket. He soon discovers he is not alone. He lives in Murder City, a hunting ground of demented serial killers and he learns he must get in line. Will he get ahead of the pack or break free of insanity? Only one thing’s for sure: Smoking will kill you one way or another.

Support Dick’s RIBSPREADER Kickstarter campaign here and be a part of Australia’s first true splatter punk video nasty!