15 June 2017

REVELATION PERTH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL returns from July 6th to 19th for fourteen days and nights of films, talks, masterclasses, seminars, exhibitions and a whole lot more. To make your life easier and as genre-packed as possible, we’ve put a together a hit list of everything you need see!

A DARK SONG | Monday July 10th & Friday July 14th
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A desperate young woman and an experienced occultist undertake a complex magical ritual to grant her wishes, but both are haunted by their pasts and their magical journey is exceptionally demanding.

A GHOST STORY | Friday July 7th
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Recently deceased, a white-sheeted ghost (Academy Award-winner Casey Affleck) returns to his suburban home to console his bereft wife (Academy Award-nominee Rooney Mara), only to find that in his spectral state he has become unstuck in time, forced to watch passively as the life he knew and the woman he loves slowly slip away. Increasingly unmoored, the ghost embarks on a cosmic journey through memory and history, confronting life’s ineffable questions and the enormity of existence.

ASSHOLES | Friday July 7th, Sunday July 9th & Saturday July 15th
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Self important assholes Adah and Aaron spend their time being assholes, and when they discover their love for each other (and shared love of poppers), their asshole behaviour just increases. They are, after all, assholes.

DEAD HANDS DIG DEEP | Friday July 14th
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Edwin Borsheim lives in isolation, save for his guard dogs, on a remote block of land in small town California, his home looking like a set from a horror movie. Once the front man of legendary metal/death-rock band Kettle Cadaver, rated by some as one of the most extreme bands to see live, Borsheim was known for powerful and unique performances that were often shocking and brutal. In DEAD HANDS DIG DEEP, nineteen-year-old filmmaker Jai Love turns his camera on the singer and through a series of interviews with the performer and his associates, paints a portrait of Borsheim and the demons that drive both his art and his life.

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Perth zombie lovers and movie buffs are invited to a musical celebration of arguably the most influential zombie movie of all time. The Night of the Living Dead! George A. Romero’s 1968 classic will never sound so good, with experimental arts/music collective Genrefonix unleashing a rockin’ set of original horror music and soundscapes sync’d to a mash up of the best movie scenes and zombie action. Back in ’68 the film’s original producers failed to file for copyright correctly, allowing the movie and themes to be copied, repackaged and resold by anyone and everyone. The result was the birth of the modern zombie, including many of the shuffling, groaning, flesh eating traits we’ve come to love. Where would the The Walking Dead be without George A. Romero?!

SPOOKERS | Friday July 7th & Thursday July 13th
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As the sun sets, a community of seemingly ordinary folk become zombies, freaks and chainsaw-wielding clowns in this documentary about the Southern Hemisphere’s largest scream park, located in New Zealand.

78/52 | Saturday July 8th & Sunday July 9th
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There are few more famous sequences in cinema than the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary Psycho. Documentarian (Doc of the Dead, The People Vs George Lukas) Alexandre O. Phillippe’s 78/52 – the title refers to the number of shots and the length of the scene – explores the sequence with a wide range of filmmakers, actors, critics and writers, these include, amongst others, Guillermo del Toro, Danny Elfman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Leigh Whannell, Elijah Wood and Janet Leigh’s body double Marli Renfro. 78/52 is a fascinating exploration of the artistic, technical, aesthetic, and culture aspects of the scene. Leaving no stone unturned, the film plays like a forensic examination of Hitchcock’s most infamous and influential work. Essential viewing for fans of Hitchcock, students of cinema and culture, and filmmakers, 78/52 is a fascinating journey into movie making and the enduring power of the silver screen.

TOP KNOT DETECTIVE | Sunday July 9th, Wednesday July 12th & Thursday July 13th
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When Japanese television series Ronin Suiri Tentai (Deductive Reasoning Ronin) was first broadcast in Australia as Top Knot Detective in the ‘90s it rapidly became a cult hit with battling ninjas, monsters and so much more. Now directors McCann and Pearce tell the full story behind the show and the legendary Takashi Tawagoto. Top Knot Detective is a gloriously joyous celebration of cult television and Japanese culture with contributions from the likes of Des Mangan, Travis Johnson and many other fans! More than this, it recognises the half-remembered viewing of youth, and the effect television has on our cultural memories. And if you don’t remember watching Top Knot Detective back in the 90s? That’s because the series celebrated in this comedy-mockumentary never existed.

THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS | Saturday July 15th
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In a near future Britain ravaged by hordes of flesh-eating zombies, a group of very special children are the subject of a desperate military experiment. Helen (Gemma Arterton) sees the subjects as the bright, inquisitive children they present as, but military commander Parks (Paddy Considine) and head scientist Dr Caldwell (Glenn Close) are all too aware of the grim truth: the kids are second generation zombies who have retained their intelligence but also their hunger for flesh. When the base is overrun, the survivors must rely on one of the children, Melanie (Sennia Nanua) to survive – but can they trust her?

WEINER DOG | Friday July 7th, Saturday July 8th, Thursday July 13th & Monday July 17th
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With a cast that boasts the likes of Ellen Burstyn, Danny DeVito, Kieran Culkin, and Greta Gerwig, Weiner-Dog follows the life and travels of a cute dachshund as he moves across the United States being adopted by different owners, each facing their own particular existential desperation. Of course, this is no ordinary cute-puppy movie, under the keen eye of auteur Todd (Welcome To The Dollhouse, Happiness, Palindromes) Solondz, Weiner-Dog slowly reveals itself to be a perfectly realised bleak-dark comedy. With perfectly pitched performances from the cast, Weiner-Dog is a movie for people who may like dogs but may not relate to people and who definitely don’t relate to most animal movies.

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