Sydney’s SciFi FILM FESTIVAL Announces 2018 Programming!

06 September 2018

Now in its fifth year, Sydney’s SciFi Film Festival (SFFF) returns to Event Cinemas George Street from Thursday October 18th to Sunday October 21st. Dedicated to spotlighting the very best of modern science fiction cinema, the festival boasts eight exciting new feature films, a shorts program and a 30th anniversary screening of a beloved classic.

★ (STAR) | Thursday October 18th 6pm
Those of us that have looked to the movies to carry us into the magnificent void of deep space will be deeply moved by this remarkable work, which celebrates the visionary, the dreamer, the stargazer in us all. Austrian ‘constructuralist’ artist Johann Lurf has compiled starscapes from a century of cinema – 550 films, from the silent era to early 2018 – to draw a correlation between the vastness of the universe and the beautiful, terrifying, joyous interpretations that Earth’s filmmakers have conjured. ★ is science-fiction cinema at its purest. It is a celebration of the art form and the cosmic grandeur that inspires its creation.

UFO | Friday October 19th 6pm
One of the genre’s most popular stars, Gillian Anderson returns to the ‘alien conspiracy’ sub-genre in Ryan Eslinger’s ‘X-Files-meets-Wargames’ thriller. Alex Sharp stars as a brilliant college student, haunted by a childhood close encounter, who believes that mysterious sightings at multiple airports across the United States are indicators of intergalactic visitation.

CANARIES | Friday October 19th 8:30pm
From writer/director Peter Stray’s feverish fan-boy/film-nerd mind, this creepy, kooky Welsh crowdpleaser pits a wannabe-DJ and his mates just looking to party on New Years Eve against an invasion task force of creepy time-travelling aliens. A loving homage to The Thing, Invasion of The Body Snatchers and Night of The Living Dead, with liberal doses of Shaun of The Dead-style comic chemistry, Canaries a gory, giggly sci-fi romp you’ll want to tweet about (see what we did there…?).

MY SAGA | Saturday October 20th 1pm
Diagnosed with a brain tumour, Adam Harris undertook to transform something tragic into something positive. His journey encapsulates a passion for living that comes through in every frame of his handmade, heartwarming documentary. Whether it be his commitment to fatherhood, strength in the face of his own mortality or obsession with all things Star Wars, the Queensland suburban dad is an inspiration. With his son, Jack Anakin Harris, Adam’s journey to explore just how much a truly committed fan is willing to give of themselves to their obsession makes for some very special cinema. The Force is strong in this one.

PEACHES | Saturday October 20th 3:30pm
It’s not bad enough that their anniversary getaway has crashed and burned, now Diego and his girlfriend Laura have to compete with different versions of themselves to win each other back. Confused? Director Héctor Valdez is just getting started. Based upon the 2014 Australian charmer The Infinite Man, this rom-com/time travel lark with a big heart from the Dominican Republic keeps turning in on itself until the comedic strands are twisted so tight, laughter is the only release. Lovely lead turns from the young cast, a few darker moments to keep things edgy, and a bright colour palette means Peaches is perfect Saturday arvo good-time viewing.

PROSPECT | Saturday October 20th 6pm
A teenage girl and her scoundrel father travel to a remote moon on the hunt for elusive riches. There are others roving the moon’s toxic forest and the job quickly devolves into a desperate fight to escape. An extraordinary central performance by Sophie Thatcher, beautifully lyrical dialogue that draws comparisons with The Coen Brothers’ True Grit and world creation so vivid and complex as to be utterly convincing, the directing duo of Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl have fashioned a thrilling and emotional distant planet survival story carved from the classic, old-Hollywood Western movie tropes.

REFLECTIONS IN THE DUST | Saturday October 20th 8:30pm
We first meet Freckles (Sarah Houbolt) muttering ‘I don’t believe in love because I’ve never seen it’ to a faceless interviewer. Her recollections transport the audience to a monochrome dystopian landscape, where she exists with her father, an ageing paranoid schizophrenic clown (Robyn Royce Queere). Her world careens between tenderness and aggression; fear, paranoia and anger consume the lost souls. Writer/director Luke Sullivan’s disturbing, abrasive vision may be the most striking Australian directing debut since Alex Proyas’ Spirits of The Air Gremlins of The Clouds; while it recalls the bitter futuristic existentialism of Andrei Tarkovsky and the savage relationship dynamics of Harold Beckett, Reflections in the Dust is a blisteringly unique film experience from the cutting-edge/avant garde frontline of the local film sector.

SHORT FILM PROGRAM | Sunday October 21st 1pm
EKO – Short Film | 2.20 mins |UK
STINE – Short Film | 9 mins |UK
ZACKMAN – Short Film | 5.18 mins | Hong Kong
ANDROMEDA – Short Film | 15 mins |Australia/USA/Germany
AFTER WE HAVE LEFT OUR HOMES – Short Film | 8.03 mins |UK
SPACEDOGS – Short Film | 5.39 mins |GERMANY
THOSE WHO CAN DIE – Short Film | 18 mins |FRANCE
THALAMOS – Short Film | 22.50 mins |AUSTRALIA
THE SHIPMENT – Short Film | 30 mins |CANADA

MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN | Sunday October 21st 3:30pm
Human integration with modern robotics, the emergence of sentient A.I. and the society that will take shape in the wake of android assimilation are all addressed in More Human Than Human. It is documentary that paints a picture of how ‘they’ will not only help our lives, but also instruct how we view an existence that ‘they’ will take a broader role in changing and redefining.Will our creation, infinitely smarter, interconnected and possibly more self-aware, render humanity obsolete?

MIRACLE MILE | Sunday October 21st 6pm
As potently relevant today as it was during its largely-overlooked cinema release 30 years, the ‘80s nuclear paranoia cult classic Miracle Mile has lost none of its thrilling momentum, touching romance or off-kilter surrealism. Musician Harry Washello (Anthony Edwards) is wooing waitress Julie Peters (Mare Winningham) with the titular Los Angeles boulevard as their backdrop. Things go awry when Harry picks up a random pay phone call; a frantic soldier screams down the line at him, “It’s happening! It’s for real!” With the world seemingly on the brink of desolation almost daily, people are finallytalking about Miracle Mile. Steve De Jarnatt’s breathtaking vision is more relevant, powerful and deserving of acclaim than ever.

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