Witness the Opening 6 Minutes of SHEBORG MASSACRE!

19 April 2017

Prolific local genre filmmaker Daniel Armstrong (MURDERDROME, FROM PARTS UNKNOWN: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL) returns with his third feature, SHEBORG MASSACRE and you can watch the opening six (and a half) minutes right here!

SHEBORG MASSACRE is out today on DVD or MOD Blu-ray and you can grab it right here!

About the film:
When an alien fugitive crash lands into a local puppy farm and begins turning people into mutated robot killing machines with a taste for puppy flesh, Dylan, and Eddie, two self-proclaimed political activists, are all that stand between the Earth and total domination. Forced into a ‘dare to be great’ situation that neither are prepared for, the two BFF’s must fight their way past cops, city officials and cybernetic dog butchers in order to destroy the evil SheBorg and save the planet!

DVD & Blu-ray Special Features

  • Introduction By Michael Helms
  • Chaos Provides: The Making of SHEBORG MASSACRE
  • Music Videos
  • Trailer

For years Michael Helms’ ‘FATAL VISIONS’ exposed audiences to the world’s most notorious psychotronic cinema. Now Helms is back, proudly presenting a bold new wave of Aussie exploitation. Deplorable, offensive, some might say dangerous – films that are proof positive that Australian cinema has a pulse.