Extras Needed For Award-Winning Filmmaker’s New Short!

13 November 2017

Live in Melbourne? Fancy yourself a decent background actor? Or perhaps never been an extra in a film before? Well here’s your chance!

Winner of MONSTER FEST 2016 Best Australian Short Film (INSOMNOLENCE), Kiefer Findlow is currently in production on his latest short, THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98.

About the film:
After being kidnapped by a secretive cult, a TV journalist is forced to record their last will & testament while a police siege rages outside. As the interviews go on, he is pulled into the horrific world of the cult.

This Sunday November 19th, Kiefer and his Lost High Studios team want you to be one of the 100 extras playing cult members in a climatic sequence in THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98!

You can be of any age (over 18), ethnicity, shape or size and don’t need any prior acting experience, you just need to be available for three hours between 7pm-10pm this Sunday evening and able to take direction.

Please note: This is unpaid work and will require you to sign a release form so your image can be used in the final film.

Date: Sunday November 19th, 2017
Time: 7pm-10pm
Location: East Kew (Exact location to be emailed to you prior to day of shoot)

If you’re interested in appearing as an extra, just email the Lost High Studios team at:!

In an original and awesome approach to crowdfunding, Kiefer and his Lost High Studios is selling off screen-used props from the film to fund post-production. You can check out the Etsy store right here!

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