THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98 Teaser Released Ahead of World Premiere!

10 October 2018

Kiefer Findlow, winner of Best Australian Short Film at our 2016 Monster Fest for INSOMNOLENCE, returns this year with his latest offering, a found footage thriller, THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98.

In November 1998, Journalist Louis Meriwether is kidnapped while investigating The Church of The New Jerusalem. In preparation for their rapture they force him to film their final testament. This is the tape that contains their last gospel.

In a strange twist of fate, THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98 will actually premiere on November 24th 2018, on the twentieth anniversary of the events that transpire within the film!

Kiefer had the following to say: “It’s great to be coming back to Monster Fest this year with such a fantastic line up of films, it really is an honour to be able give THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98 its world premiere at such a great festival. Especially given that the idea was conceived during the 2016 session of ON THE SILVER GLOBE at the festival. It’s so strange to look back on that feeling of walking out of the festival with an idea and coming back two years later with it on the actual screen at the very same fest. If lost VHS tapes about suicide cults are your jam, then this film is for you

THE NEW JERUSALEM ’98 will play with MAGANDA! MILK MAN VS PINOY BOY on Saturday November 24th 10:30pm.