Monster Fest

Listen to THE SCREAMING MEANIES’ MONSTER FEST 2017 Opening Night Set!

01 December 2017

Murder rock maestro extraordinaire, THE SCREAMING MEANIES played not one but four sets over MONSTER FEST 2017 and for those who want to relive the experience or the unfortunate few who missed out, he’s been so kind as to upload it for all our streaming pleasure!

More than a musician, THE SCREAMING MEANIES is a composer, sound designer, DJ and all-round power house, having worked on over seven feature films to date including MONDO YAKUZA, GONE LESBO GONE: THE UNTOLD TALE OF AN UNSEEN FILM and THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG.
THE SCREAMING MEANIES is responsible for the scores to Black Forest Films’ 2017 feature, THE VIPER’S HEX, Stuart Simpson’s all-new Cult of Monster web-series DRAGON FORCE X, Josh Long’s 2017 short THE VEILED and was a collaborative sound design on Daniel Armstrong’s 2017 feature TARNATION, all of which played this year’s MONSTER FEST in Melbourne.

Visit THE SCREAMING MEANIES BandCamp here to hear the scores to several of his film compositions including MONDO YAKUZA along with many other original recordings!