THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG Book Launch Q&A with Andrew Leavold & Michael Helms!

25 May 2017

Last month, filmmaker Andrew Leavold toured Australia & New Zealand in support of his debut book, THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG and we were there to catch the discussion between Leavold and Fatal Visions’ Michael Helms at Melbourne’s prestigious Astor Theatre.

Leavold’s book is the definitive search for Weng Weng, an even wilder and woollier tale told by the film-maker himself, as he travels from Imelda Marcos’ birthday party to the poorest slums of Manila, on the trail of one the Philippines’ most unlikeliest heroes – and most heartbreaking stories.

Weng Weng’s tale of exploitation, greed, and fragile humanity is pieced together fragment by tantalizing fragment, all the while revealing a detailed, never-before-told history of the Filipino Action Film, as told by a cast of actors, stuntmen, Weng Weng’s family and colleagues, historians, midget waiters, and Imelda herself. Plunging head-first into the heart and soul of the Philippines’ culture and history, Leavold also tells his own story of transforming his own life from fan to film-maker, all the while experiencing the most surreal adventure of a lifetime.

It’s part detective story and midget bio, part gonzo travelogue, part Filipino B Film history lesson, and part magical Quest for the Holy Grail – if the Grail is a two foot nine James Bond of the Philippines.

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