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Umbrella Entertainment Announce 4K RAZORBACK Remaster for Blu-ray!

29 August 2017

Umbrella Entertainment have just announced an all-new 4K remaster of Russell Mulcahy’s 1984 Ozploitation classic RAZORBACK for Blu-ray release! Tentatively scheduled for a Wednesday November 1st release, the Blu-ray will contain a host of new special feature content including a discussion featurette produced by Melbourne’s own Cinemaniacs.

The 4K scan and restoration has been completed by Melbourne post-production house, Roar Digital.

Unfortunately the upcoming RAZORBACK Blu-ray release will not include the ‘grizzly’ extended shots/scenes featured on the old Aussie Roadshow Home Video VHS/Beta reinserted back into the film as those 35mm film elements are long lost however Umbrella will be including a standard definition VHS cut as a special feature!

About the film:
Somewhere deep in the Australian outback there’s a marauding, indestructible creature that can rip a man in half and destroy a homestead in seconds. This giant freak of nature is nine hundred pounds of tusk and muscle – and it is hell bent on terrorizing the small isolated community of “Gamulla” – a town as violent and primitive as the beast that threatens it. The astonishing feature film debut of music video maestro Russell Mulcahy (HIGHLANDER), RAZORBACK is a ferociously entertaining, adrenalin pumping thriller that proudly counts Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino among its self-confessed fans! Presented in a new high definition transfer, boasting stunning cinematography from Oscar-winner Dean Semler (DANCES WITH WOLVES), a taut script by horror veteran Everett DeRoche (PATRICK), atmospheric music by Iva Davies (ICEHOUSE) and a fearsome creature from effects master Bob McCarron (THE MATRIX), RAZORBACK is an Ozploitation classic, bloodcurdling to the last squeal.